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Pain Relief

We understand how your life can be wholly affected by pain and Dr. Cerre is dedicated to helping you get your life back! Dr.Cerre is passionate about living out his purpose of helping people everywhere to find relief through our comprehensive Myofascial Release Approach for muscle pain. Bringing together his Naturopathic Medical Doctorate, extensive trigger point experience and his background as a chiropractor, Dr. Cerre is pioneering an approach to pain relief that extends far beyond symptom management.

When appropriate, Dr. Cerre employs integrative services which includes full body physicals, hormone replacement therapy, MRI, CT Scan, chiropractic, massage and more. In addition, he has partnered with trusted medical providers who provide conjunctive services to improve your pain relief experience.


Our Myofascial Release Approach is a whole body diagnostic and treatment approach designed to locate and treat pain at the root source while addressing other health concerns that are related. The core foundation of our approach is trigger point injections. Given the technical nature of this therapy, we highly recommend you book a consultation to learn more. In short, our muscles hold our injuries. This creates a chain reaction of pain and disease. By addressing the muscles holding the injuries, both by itself and in conjunction with other therapies, we are able to help our patients see improvements in their pain levels.


The list of conditions that we treat is expansive and while you may not have seen yours on the list above, we encourage you to call us at (480) 821-8686 to find if we can help you.