Dr. Eric Cerre NMD

Our great patient

Here is what a few of our patients have had to say after receiving treatment:

Dr. Cerre is an AMAZING DOCTOR!!!! I was in a car accident, experiencing severe pain and tightness. From the moment I walked into the office, Dr. Cerre and his team truly were the most caring, supportive, compassionate people. I highly recommend this office if you are experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort. Not only does Dr. Cerre help you feel better, but he also tries to help his patients understand and feel comfortable throughout the process!!

-Samantha W

I was treated by Dr Cerre, this is a man that takes pride in what he does. He takes a great deal of time and effort to know and understand what is going on with your body. He then provides options and real expectations on what you can expect from his care. He is very thorough in his care and his staff is as compassionate as he is. This is a practice based on real solutions not temporary fixes and the care is 2nd to nothing else I have experienced. Thank you Dr Cerre and staff for everything you have done for me. You have had a tremendous impact on my life.

-Matthew A

As a competitive bodybuilder, you could imagine the level of frustration I felt when I was hit by a driver, which caused injuries that impacted my ability to lift. I was left with injuries to my spine and my tendon that leads from my forearm to my elbow. The injuries caused me severe headaches and pain in my arm down through my hand. The injury to my arm alone was enough to stop me from being able to lift heavy weight. This left me feeling incomplete and very broken, I could not do what I loved to do and I thought I would have to stop bodybuilding.

I was referred to Dr. Cerre and felt relief from the moment I met with him and his staff. The entire office treats you like family and is very open and honest about the injuries you have. Dr. Cerre is very knowledgeable and I loved that he would explain the science and anatomy behind the injuries I was dealing with. It helped me to learn a lot and to understand how my lifting could be continued in the future if I did the right things now. I followed everything advised by Dr. Cerre and we completed PRP stem cell treatment and it was a success! The amount of gratitude and relief that I felt when the injury in my arm became near painless again, is unexplainable. After getting cleared to begin lifting again, I was able to compete again in a bodybuilding competition at the National level, I would not have been able to do any of this without Dr. Cerre and his staff. Forever thankful!

-Dana Danessa T.

Hey Doc Just wanted to give you an update....My mid spine feels great and it has for a few months now, which I'm extremely grateful for. I couldn't be happier with the treatment and its outcome. Again, couldn't be happier doc and it truly has made a huge difference in my personal and professional life...I'm very grateful and I wish you were more local so I can start referring some of my chronic pain sufferers to you.

-Dr. Adam F., Rockside Chiropractic

Dr. Eric Cerre is my favorite and he is the best. I have seen many doctors for my pain. Dr. Cerre really cares and understands pain. He gets to the core issue of the pain so the body can heal. He has taken care of my muscle pain with myoinjections. I also see him as my primary care doctor. I have never been treated so good. If I need an appointment or have questions, he makes sure I see him as soon as possible and returns phone calls and emails right away. Thank you Dr. Cerre!!!

-Leah T.

I have been a patient of Dr. Cerre’s for over two years and I will attest to the fact that Dr. Cerre is committed to managing and finding the cause, or as it is in my case, many causes of your ongoing pain. Dr. Cerre goes above and beyond the point most pain management doctors give up! His knowledge, resolve and unique and innovative techniques are the reasons I am very grateful I was recommended to him!

-Jamie C.

Dr. Cerre came highly recommended to me from another Health Care Professional. The relief and success that I have found with my visits to Dr. Cerre in turn lead me to recommend anyone I know with ongoing pain. Every person I referred to Dr. Cerre could not believe the level of relief they felt after the very first visit! His approach to pain management along with his knowledge of the muscular systems are a guarantee that after the first visit you will be well on your way to a more comfortable and pain free life.

-Mark C.

Dr. Cerre is an exceptional doctor. He truly cares and is willing to go the extra mile for all of his patients. Dr. Cerre puts an immense amount of work into making sure that you are completely satisfied with your treatment. Dr. Cerre improved my life exponentially with his dedication to my treatment. I would recommend him to anyone.

-Benny D.