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Buprenorphine Pain Medication Program

We have several ways of dealing with chronic pain. We use trigger point injections or PRP (platelet rich plasma). But sometimes when you are dealing with chronic pain, you need medication to manage your pain on a daily basis. There are several option of medications that are available. After a complete medical evaluation with Dr. Cerre, he can direct your care for your pain relief needs. His goal is for you to experience Extraordinary Pain Relief!

For patients that are NOT currently on pain medication, we can evaluate and treat your pain. If your pain is not managed after receiving other treatment from our office, we can help you with a Pain Medication Program.

If you suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, Diabetic Neuropothy, Psoriatic Arthritis are an amputees with ghost pain, our Buprenorphine program can bring relief when other medication have not helped.

If you are currently on pain medications, we focus on those patients that are on Buprenorphine or certain opiates used for chronic pain relief only. We DO NOT treat patients that have been treated for addiction or want to be treated for addiction. We accept patients that are currently on Buprenorphine or other opiate pain medication such as Norco or hydrocodone.

How the program works:

• You must be at least 30 years old to see the doctor for Pain Medication Program.

• A current (within the last 2 years) MRI or CT scan needs to be included.

• Medical records are required BEFORE you can make an appointment. Once we receive and review your records, we will contact you for a Consultation appointment (approximately a one hour appointment). The cost is $250. No medication will be prescribed at this appointment.

• If you are accepted into our program, we will schedule you for a follow-up visit to start the Pain Medication Program. The cost for this appointment is included as part of the consultation appointment fee.

• Continuum of Care appointments are required every month – every 28 to 30 days. The cost is $175 per visit.

• We do not accept insurance. We accept cash, VISA or Master Card only. You can use your HSA card (health savings account) to make payments as well.

• If additional testing (labs, screening and diagnostic test – MRI, etc.) is required, it needs to be completed before your next regular monthly evaluation in order to continue your medication.


** Our clinic follows FDA warnings to not combine the use of benzo’s such as Valium and Xanax with the use of opiates.

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