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Exosomes are the all-stars of regenerative medicine, nano-sized vesicles of all sorts of cellular DNA information that are capable of allowing amazing healing to take place.

These little vesicles are sacks of cellular DNA information that are found in stem cells, amniotic material, in PRP, and are responsible for all of the amazing healing these biological products are doing. Now exosomes can be isolated from skin or placental tissues and injected directly into a pain area for maximum healing and regeneration.

Recommended to be combined with PRP treatments, IV therapy, or both. We are always encouraged by the great results we see our clients having from exosome injections to areas of pain that some have had for decades.

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Dr. Cerre's Expertise

Dr. Eric Cerre is a Naturopathic Medical Physician focusing on male enhancement, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's Disease, male hormone replacement as well as treatment of acute and chronic pain condition with PRP and Exosomes. Practicing medicine for over 34 years, Dr. Cerre has treated thousands of patients and is one of the first providers of the P-Sot and 0-Shot in Arizona. He is also a Shockwave provider. Dr. Cerre only uses the highest quality, FDA- approved medical devices such as the Magellan, TruPRP Machine and kits, to treat these conditions.

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Our number one priority is in providing relief for our patients and our payment structure is designed to support our philosophy.

We have largely structured our services for the patient who is seeking pain relief and resolution without strict limitations and boundaries imposed by insurance plans.

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