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O-Shot® for Women in Arizona

Here's a reality you may already know about. The number of women who suffer with sexual problems is 30-50%. While this may not seem like a staggering statistic, it's really important to identify what constitutes a sexual problem. It's not enough to just say you don't have a problem with sexual activity because you've gotten used to it when in fact there may be a problem you are unaware of. The statistic above is only by women who have voiced the problem while others simply just pass it off as "normal".

Let's get a sexual kickstart

Your sexual condition may be lacking and ready for a boost from the O-Shot® procedure as a solution. The chances of you talking to your gynecologist or someone about your lack of sexual drive or satisfaction are pretty slim. In fact research shows only about 14% of women EVER (and we mean EVER) talk to any of their physicians about sex. Combine that number with the likeliness of you having a sexual problem then you start to see that this could be a more common problem than you think.

So how does O-Shot® work?

The simplest answer is we rejuvenate the tissue surrounding your clitoris and upper vagina area. Then the question is… "How are you doing this?". We start with a small blood sample where we collect platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and inject it back into those areas with a unique procedure, known as the O-Shot®. The tissue we are essentially rebuilding in those areas help stimulate your Female Orgasm System and ultimately give you more desire and enjoyment of your sex. During the procedure you will be numb with local anesthetic so that there is little-to-no pain during the injection and it only takes a few hours before you’re in and out of our office.

What to expect after the procedure

The primary goal of the O-Shot® is to increase sexual response and ultimately give you a new found enjoyment of sexual pleasure that you may have been missing out on for some time. There are other benefits of the O-Shot® that you also may benefit from such as the slowing (or stopping) of urinary incontinence. During your initial consultation we'll talk about all of these benefits.

I’m ready to get started

We are ready to talk about the O-Shot® procedure with you and tell you about the benefits and how simple the procedure will be. Request an appointment with us by clicking below and let's get you to a better sexual health!

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